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Investing in Tech Amenities for your Vacation Rental

In the constantly evolving world of vacation rentals, it is important to be able to stand out by creating a high level of comfort and convenience for your guests. Vacation rental guests in 2017 expect an experience that goes well beyond the level provided by most hotels. To provide this experience it is important to … read more

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Improving Energy Efficiency in Multifamily Buildings

Improving the energy efficiency of multifamily housing is a win for everyone involved, and the impact is felt at every level. Of course, the main benefit for everyone is a reduced carbon footprint, and that can’t be overstated. It will become more and more clear that we have a responsibility to do what we can … read more

Smart Apartment
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Smart Apartments Make Financial Sense

The smart home market is growing rapidly. With an estimated 50-200 billion connected devices in the wild by 2020, the future of “home” is coming faster than expected. Safe to say, homeowners have embraced the new technology: in a recent survey, over half of Americans said they already owned smart home technology or planned to … read more

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From Vacation Rentals, Guests Expect a Hotel-Like Experience

The vacation rental industry is growing like crazy, and that’s a good thing for homeowners and travelers alike. The flood of options on the market has opened up new opportunities for homeowners to make extra money, and for people to travel all over the world and feel right at home. Many people prefer vacation rentals … read more

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Measuring the ROI of Your Vacation Rental

Many people consider vacation rentals good investments — a nice source of passive income. And they can be. But as with any financial decision, it’s best not to jump in without considering the nitty gritty details and determine just how much money your vacation rental will be making. In the business world, this is called … read more

VRMA 2016 National Conference
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2016 VRMA National Conference Guide (Parakeet Edition)

It’s that time of year, time for the VRMA National Conference. As we prep for this year’s conference we have made a list of highlighted sessions and events to help you make the most use of your time at the conference. This list is structured to give you a well rounded conference experience and also … read more

Home automation blog
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Parakeet Featured on Beehive Startups Blog

This week our CEO and fearless leader Brad Huber was featured on the Beehive Startups blog. Brad discussed the end of keys, home automation for vacation rentals and the growth of the vacation rental market. Check it out HERE!

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5 Ways To Make Your Vacation Rental Stand Out

The vacation rental industry is booming as guests take to renting homes instead of staying in hotels, and it’s a great thing for everyone involved. But in a day and age where guests have thousands of options to choose from, everywhere they travel, how do you make your vacation rental stand out? Here are 5 … read more

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Protecting Your Property With Home Automation

When renting out your property as a vacation home, one of the most stressful aspects can be wondering how you are going to protect your property, especially if you don’t live nearby and are managing remotely.   Luckily, we live in a day and age where there are plenty of technologies and products to help … read more

vacation rental reviews
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7 Ways to Protect Yourself from Bad Reviews.

With the rise of sites like HomeAway and Airbnb, reviews are now king. I’m sure the last time you bought something on Amazon, you looked for reviews to make your decision. You’re not alone. The vast majority of consumers look at reviews before making a purchase, and even one bad review can make them change … read more