Airbnb Introduces New Host Tools

Anyone who has used Airbnb can tell that the company tries their hardest to continue to improve the product, both for guests and hosts. Lately they’ve been focusing on improving the experience of hosting at every turn. While they’ve built a lot of their own tools, recently they announced a whole slew of partnerships with third party tools, which will be built right into the product.

Airbnb for Business Travelers
Business travel obviously makes up a huge percentage of hotel and Airbnb rentals worldwide. But business travels need a different environment than, say, a family of four is looking for while on vacation.
Airbnb is trying to make that easier for everyone, allowing hosts to indicate whether their property is business-friendly, with amenities like WiFi, designated work areas, bathroom items, and 24 hour check-in.

Tools that Airbnb Hosts Can Customize to Fit Their Situation
Coordinating key exchanges is a pain for everyone involved. Airbnb now offers Host Assist, which helps hosts set up keyless entry, getting rid of the need to exchange keys in person (or use unsafe methods, like the classic rock-in-the-front-yard). Airbnb has partnered with an impressive number of companies so that hosts can pick the perfect product.
Being an Airbnb host is a business like any other, meaning we’re all in it to make money. Airbnb now has Smart Pricing, which is exactly what it sounds like. It looks at things like rental trends, and demand, and lets hosts set up controls to maximize their profits.

Host Home is the revamped host area of the Airbnb app. Hosts can quickly see everything they need to know about an upcoming or ongoing rental, saving everyone a lot of time!

Other Host Tools 

There is a new industry growing around offering tools, services and products focused on making your experience as an Airbnb host easier as well as more profitable. There is even a Product Hunt page dedicated to these types of tools. These tools range from Pillow to manage bookings and housekeeping, Boxpitaltiy for toiletries and Parakeet for home automation. Although all these products and services are designed to save you money and time, the Parakeet platform actually pays for itself within the first year in energy savings alone and can save you thousands annually by removing the need for key exchanges, lost garage door clickers, and early detection and notification (via text message) of freeze/flood conditions.

Let’s face it: being an Airbnb host isn’t always easy. So it’s nice that Airbnb is constantly trying to improve the experience—their dedication to improving is why so many people host on it, a win-win for everyone. They incorporated hosts into the development of these new features, resulting in a great new feature-set that’s right on target.